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The Best Private Charter Boat in Pittsburgh

All Prices are for : 1 to 6 Passengers.    
$355 for a 2 hour Cruise

$525 for a 3 Hour, $705 for a 4 hour cruise
Weekday Special: Mon - Thurs. Get: $25 off 

2 person cruise: Couples special for: $35 0ff
Text or call for details and promo codes 
We also accept Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle


Book online to reserve your time slot for the day you would like to cruise with us. 
We go rain or shine.
We have a full enclosure if there is inclimate weather

Must be made:
3 days prior to cruise to receive a refund of the deposit.
7 days prior to any holiday or special events will receive a refund. Holiday rates apply.
2 days prior to departure may be rescheduled upon our discretion.
Day of : loss of  deposit or payment.
If late for charter loss of time is at your expense, not ours.

 In the unlikely event we cancel the cruise you will be refunded 100% of what you paid Rush Hour Tours.

What you may bring onboard:
Any kind of  food and beverage including alcohol  (if age 21), Bluetooth speaker or music from your phone can be  used on our blue-tooth ready stereo, sunscreen recommended, towels, etc.
We do carry some:
Water, light snacks, and pop onboard
We do however go rain or shine. The vessel is equipped with a enclosure if needed. Mariners have altered courses to minimize its impact for centuries. If safety and comfort becomes a factor your Captain may change course or move the time of departure if possible to preserve the quality of your cruise.
Itineraries: and terms subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to alter your itinerary for your safety, weather, or spontaneous opportunities to make your cruise even more spectacular. 
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